Matheus Santana



Hello! I am a software developer from Pernambuco, Brazil.

I'm currently crafting amazing web systems at Guava Software. There is more about me in my CV and I occasionally write about my experiences.


May 28th 2020 Presented our adventures with Pact.io at Interage at FrontJS Recife #6
February 7th 2020 Had my first contribution merged into the Faraday Ruby library
November 2019 Attended RubyConf 2019 in Nashville, TN
July 3rd 2019 Presented my MSc work at DevOps Recife Meetup
June 10th 2019 Had an interesting patch to the Apache Avro project merged
May 1st 2019 Joined Guava Software
April 12th 2019 Prof. Nelson presented our paper Transparent Tracing of Microservice-based Applications at ACM SAC 2019
April 1st 2019 Presented my MSc dissertation
December 11th 2018 Had my first contribution to the Apache Avro project merged
November 27th 2018 Had my first conference paper as the first author accepted for publication in ACM SAC 2019: Transparent Tracing of Microservice-based Applications
October 20th 2018 Presented the workshop How to achieve the best trade-off in Rails automated testing at e-info 2018
July 2018 Joined Interage Agile Software House
March 2017 Turned into a MSc candidate in Distributed Systems under Prof. Nelson S. Rosa
September 25th 2016 Married Roberta
August 2016 Joined Trustvox
April 29th 2015 Turned into a Bachelor of Computer Science from the Centro de Informática da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
March 2015 Helped organizing the Tropical Ruby 2015 conference
December 2014 Was (along with my friends Isadora and Yves) awarded the Hackathon on Gender and Citizenship promoted by the Brazilian Congress and the World Bank due to DonaMaria
October 2014 Joined Eloquent Software Studio
March 2014 Started teaching Software Engineering as a teacher assistant under Prof. Alexandre Vasconcelos at first and then under Prof. Paulo Borba
February 2014 Joined LIKA, working under Prof. Rosalie Belian
April 2013 Joined Prof. Stenio Fernandes and Prof. Marcelo Santos as an undergrad research student in Computer Networks
January 2012 Joined Redu Educational Technologies
August 2010 Started teaching programming as a teacher assistant for Prof. Ricardo Massa
March 8th 2010 Attended the inaugural class at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco as an undergraduate student
2000 Won the Pernambuco state championship of judo
January 16th 1991 Wrote my first Hello World! program in C (which for me at the time standed for Crying Baby programming language)