I’d just like to say thank you!

First of all, I’d like to say I’m thankful for all the “no”s I’ve received. Not that I was happy for having received them. But somehow it seems I’m happier now than what I would be if they hadn’t never come to me.

The first memorable “no”s I’m thankful for are the ones I’ve received back then in Petrolina while looking for jobs as a salesperson. Gosh, I tried a lot of shops. The most strikeful ones were the ones from clothes shops. It was so obvious I wasn’t a fit but I just had to try it. I remember to have the opportunity to connect with one of the other candidates who had just left army. I sincerelly hope he also received a “no” and turned into a programmer.

I don’t know why (well, for the sake of honesty, it’s probably because right now I could use an opportunity for a PhD program) but another “no” that comes to mind is one I got much later when candidating to a scolarship for MSc. It was awkward and I’d even say a little bit abusive that the teacher would have the other candidates waiting outside or even inside the room while the current examinee was scrutinized. I’m aware this might be a common practice elsewhere but it doesn’t seem right – not for inside the academy, not for outside it.

I could probably use that opportunity, if received a “yes”, much better than I would for the salesperson job candidacy. I’m not sure why I got a “no”, probably someone was better than me in the exam, but I’m just grateful that I got it. I got it! I deserved it! It’s mine! MINE! MY PRECIOUS!